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How did Waddington Wellness come to be?

Ever since he was a young child, Jonathan Waddington has wanted to help people live their lives to the fullest. He began training in Martial Arts at the age of three, and before long, he was helping the people in his class practice and teaching them how to improve their techniques and their fitness level. He continued his training until he had achieved his black belt, all the while continuing to help those around him reach their goals.

In 2012, Jonathan began his university career in the Kinesiology program at York University. He wanted to be a Physical Education teacher, where he could assist another generation in creating a healthy lifestyle. As the semester continued, he started to realize that his true passion was in helping people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Having been heavily involved with the Centre for Autism Spectrum Assistance (C.A.S.A.) program in high school encouraged him to switch his major to Psychology in order to pursue a career related to this field.

In 2013, Jonathan was first exposed to Havening Techniques® when he was asked to sit in on a session, with the permission of the client. What Jonathan experienced was very intriguing, as he had never seen anything quite like it. Jonathan knew he wanted to become involved with these new and extremely helpful Havening techniques. At the time, Jonathan was only 21 and still finishing up his Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Psychology.

After graduation, Jonathan was meeting with Ronn continuously to gain insight on his work and how this remarkable process heals people like no other technique yet discovered. In 2016, after attending a couple more learning events, he went to the first Havening Conference in Toronto, Ontario, presented by the founder Dr. Ronald Ruden and his twin brother and practitioner Dr. Steven Ruden, to become a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner in November of 2016. After completion of his certification process, Jonathan was invited as a personal guest of Dr. Steven Ruden at the Havening Conference in Vaughan, Ontario, in June of 2017.

Jonathan wanted to continue gaining more knowledge of ways to help others, so he began and completed his Life Coach Certificate from Rhodes Wellness College in British Columbia in June 2018, which is an approved program by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He now uses both techniques to help people accomplish their goals, help create shifts in people’s lives, as well as help others reduce their stress and symptoms of potential harmful behaviours or situations.

Throughout his life, Jonathan has proven himself to be a caring, helpful individual who always wants the best for people. He is very patient, determined, passionate, and is consistently looking to the positive things in life rather than focusing on the negative. He is determined to hold onto this positive outlook and continue this philosophy for the many years to come within this healing modality, as well as to help those around him with the valuable skills he has learned through this lengthy and exciting process.

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